Holistic Therapies

The least toxic but most effective therapies for your dog or cat.


Holistic Veterinary care looks at the healing of body, emotions and mind of the animal.

A Holistic Consultation at Balmain Village Veterinary Clinic includes:

Causative factors are revealed and treatment may involve dietary and lifestyle adjustments, homeopathy, herbal medicine or nutritional supplementation.

The treatment improves and supports the body’s own healing process without the use of drugs with potentially harmful side effects.

In addition to conventional veterinary therapy, Dr Manuela Trueby and her team use Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Flower Essences, Reiki, Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Common health problems that may be treated with alternative veterinary therapies include:

The use of alternative veterinary therapies does not mean the end of common-sense practices such as fluid therapy, nutritional therapy, surgical therapy, animal nursing and can be used in conjunction with conventional therapy.

All may have a place from time to time and the byword of the ethical physician, whether human or veterinary, must be open-mindedness.