Veterinary Services

Everything under one roof, including surgery.


Our veterinary services at Balmain Village Veterinary Clinic include:

In House Pathology

Conducted with our NASA-developed pathology lab.


High quality precise images delivered with the newest digital X-ray technology.


Delivered by our specialist sonographer.

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Internal Medicine

This covers any internal problems such as infectious diseases, respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders and cancer treatments.

Surgical Procedures

Your pet is in the best hands with our highly skilled surgeons. Complicated orthopaedic surgeries are performed by our visiting specialist surgeon.

Advanced Anaesthesia

Modern anesthetic machines and agents (similar to those used on humans), blood tests, intravenous fluid, oxygen therapy and the best monitoring equipment contribute to the safety of our surgical procedures.

Specialist Referral

At Balmain Village Vet Clinic we work closely with the top veterinary specialists in Sydney to ensure the best care and available options for your pet.

Dental Care

One of the most common problems affecting dogs and cats is dental disease. Prevention and regular checkups are the best approach.

Nutrition Consultations

Different diets suit different pets, based on their breed, age and health status. We advise individually and in consideration of your lifestyle and budget.

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Cat Boarding

Pampered as part of the family and cared for by your cat vet.

Puppy School and Training

Early socialisation ensures that your new puppy is well-adjusted and not frightened of other people and animals.

Allergy Therapies

Home Visits
Wildlife Care

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